Birthday party

Verjaardag bierfiets

Time goes fast when you have children. Before you know it, you have to organise a birthday party for the first time. Here are a few tips to make this day a real celebration for your child and the guests.

The theme of the birthday party

Choose a theme that suits your child. Think logically and listen to what your child wants.
Young children do not have a very long attention span. Take this into account when organising the birthday party. What are your child’s interests?
So base the theme on these interests and you will see your child brighten up on his or her big day. All further preparations can be in accordance with the chosen theme.

Location of the birthday party

Do you want to celebrate the birthday at home or do you prefer to celebrate it on the move?

The advantage of having a birthday party at home is that you have everything under control.
For this you will have to roll up your sleeves a bit and the cleaning up will of course be yours as well.
Don’t feel like organising the birthday party or don’t have the time? Take the children with you. That way, you don’t have any extra work, you only have to pay.
Search online for the best location in your area to hold the birthday party. Arrange transport well in advance to avoid misunderstandings.

Organising a party in your own home

Organising a birthday party in your own home is a serious task.
Here we list everything you should take into account.

Consider which rooms you want to use in your home. Don’t make every room accessible to guests.

Some adjustments will also have to be made to the interior.
Put away all fragile and unnecessary items to avoid accidents.
It is also best to relocate any expensive or important objects in your home. That way, you can be sure that these objects will not suddenly disappear after the party. Also give your house a full cleaning before you start decorating.
Music is also important at a party. You can get a DJ if your budget allows it or you can compile a playlist yourself in advance. You can even put up a board where people can write down their requests. That way, the party will be a real blast!

Do you have a garden or terrace? You can make this area accessible for the party as well.
Let the neighbours know that you are going to organise a birthday party. That way they are warned that several cars will be parked in the street and that the music may be loud.


Get creative with the party decorations. Match your party decorations to the previously chosen theme. If you haven’t chosen a theme, you can also just choose a particular colour.
Balloons are a must at a birthday party. Inflate a few balloons and tie them together to make a beautiful garland.
Decorate your house with flowers, photos, party posters, etc. to emphasise the atmosphere.
If it is winter, it is best to provide a coat stand or clothes rack to give the coats a place.
Make sure you have good mood lighting, this is not unimportant. You can do this with a disco ball or you can just use your Christmas lights.

If you have made the garden or terrace accessible for guests and the weather allows it, you can also decorate outside. For example, you can put up a party tent to take shelter in the shade. A fire basket with some thoughtfulness is also always a good idea when the evening falls for that extra touch of atmosphere.

Food and drink

Again, you can use the chosen theme for your choice of snacks.
When it comes to drinks, you should preferably opt for self-service. That way you have more time and each child can take what he or she wants.
If you don’t know what to make, choose pancakes. Everyone likes pancakes!

You can make a buffet and let the children choose from different toppings such as jam, icing sugar, sprinkles, banana, whipped cream, chocolate sauce.

A home-made cake is always a must too.

Present the food in fun bowls or colourful plates depending on the theme.

Keep an eye on the tables so that they are not crowded. Clear up the empty glasses, plates or bowls in time to avoid accidents.


You can easily make your invitation online, just the way you want it.
Think of a nice text and use a nice photo to make it personal.
Send out your invitation about 6 weeks in advance so that everyone can let you know in time if they can’t be there.

Don’t forget to mention the following on the invitation:

  1. Date of the birthday party
  2. Place where the party will take place
  3. Specific date when the guests are welcome
    Theme of the party
  4. Dress code (if any)
  5. Gift suggestion


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