What does our beer bike look like?

Beer on board!

On the beer bike, you may enjoy a freshly tapped beer. Juplier kegs come in 20l, 30l, and 50l sizes. To keep the beer cool throughout shipment, the keg is pre-cooled and coated in an insulating covering.

We require a minimum purchase of one keg of beer. (20, 30 or 50 liters). When hiring the beer bike without beer, you may use your own keg. We charge an additional fee for the usage of the tap installation.

We include 50 plastic drinking cups with the beer keg.

beer on board the beer bike
Music op de bierfiets


On the beer bike, you can sing along to your favorite Flemish schlager or go completely crazy to the latest dance hits.
The radio’s powerful loudspeaker plays music from a CD, MP3 player, or smartphone/tablet with ease.
An AUX cable is all that is required to connect your MP3 player to the radio. You must supply your own AUX cable.
The beer bike, however, lacks a socket. Check that your device is fully charged.


The beer bike is in the hands of the bob.

This person must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.
It is critical that this individual stay sober during the voyage and is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A driver’s statement must be signed in advance by the driver. It is possible to appoint multiple drivers; each must sign a driver’s statement.

Would you rather have a beer as a group? We can supply a bob.

Bob on the beer bike
bierfiets kattestoet


Our beer bike has a seating capacity of 17 people. Do you have a big event or a fun team-building activity planned for the entire organization? Then we have the ideal selection of beer bikes, with Beer-Cycle accommodating groups of up to 115 people.

What exactly is a beer bike?

A beer bicycle is a tandem bicycle equipped with a bar and a tap.
Our beer bikes can seat up to 17 people.
We can accommodate groups of up to 115 people with a total of 7 different beer bikes.
You take care of the propulsion of the bicycle while sitting at the bar, and you can enjoy a fresh beer or other tasty drinks.
The beer bike is a popular activity for bachelor parties, birthday parties, team building, and a variety of other events.

Bierfiets prijzen