What does our beer bike look like?

Beer on board!

Enjoy a freshly tapped beer on the beer bike. You can choose between a 20l, 30l or 50l keg of Juplier. The keg is pre-cooled and wrapped with an insulating coating to keep the beer cool during transport.

We ask for a minimum purchase of 1 keg of beer. (20l, 30l or 50l). When renting the beer bike without beer, your own keg can be used. For this we ask an extra cost for the use of the tap installation.

With the beer keg we provide 50 plastic drinking cups.

Music Maestro!

While on the beer bike you can sing along to your favorite karaoke hits or let loose to the latest dance music.
The radio with a powerful speaker will play your music from a CD, MP3 player or smartphone/tablet without a problem.
An AUX cable is sufficient to connect your MP3 player to the radio. You must provide the AUX cable yourself.
Attention, there is no socket on the beer bike. Make sure your device is sufficiently charged.


The bob is in control of the beer bike.

This person is minimum 18 years old and in the possession of a valid driver’s license.
It is important that this person remains sober during the entire journey and is therefore not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The driver needs to sign a driver’s statement in advance. It is possible to appoint several drivers, they will each have to sign a driver’s statement.

Would you rather all be having a beer?  We can provide a bob.


Our beer bikes can accommodate 17 people.
Do you have an event or a fun team building with your company?
Then we have the perfect offer of beer bikes, because beer-cycle can accommodate groups up to 100 people.

What is a beer bike

A beer bike is a type of tandem bike on which a bar and tap installation is mounted.
Our beer bikes are suitable for up to 17 people.
With a total of 6 different beer bikes, we can accommodate groups of up to 100 people.
While you are sitting at the bar you are responsible for pedaling, at the same time you can enjoy a cold beer or other tasty drink.
The beer bike is a hot item for bachelor parties, birthday parties & team buildings and many other activities.