Can I ride a beer bike on the public road?

The answer is yes!
The requirement is that the driver remains sober during the journey.
Would you rather all enjoy a cold beer, we have fun young bobs in our team who can safely steer for you.

Make it easier on yourself and avoid busy city centers.
Let’s face it, there is nothing more pleasant than riding along quiet roads through the countryside, your village or along the Belgian coast!

Party animals are free to consume alcohol, provided this does not lead to excessive behavior.

Can I ride the beer bike in the dark?

Our beer bikes are sufficiently lit to continue cycling even after the sun has set.

How fast can a beer bike go?

From experience we have observed the following speeds.

  • 2 Hours = 7 kilometers
  • 4 Hours = 10 kilometer

Keep in mind uphill’s and downhills.

Your speed will slow as the ride progresses.

How many pints are in a keg?

About 75 pints can be tapped from a 20l keg of beer.
About 110 pints can be tapped from a 30l keg of beer.
About 180 pints can be tapped from a 50l keg of beer.

Can the pickup and drop off location be different?


We depart from B-8211 Aartrijke, West Flanders and bring the beer bike to you, anywhere in Belgium.
After the beer bike rental, we will pick up the beer bike at the start location or at another location. Pick up and drop off address can therefore differ.
Check out our common loading and unloading points here.
Tip: Check out the FAQ “How fast do I drive with a beer bike” and plan your route.

Do you deliver within a LEZ zone?

We also deliver in low-emission zones.
Please notify us in advance so that we can nicely arrange our transportation method, we may charge a supplement, please request a quote for an exact amount.

What are the most common pick up and drop off locations?

To easily be able to load and unload our beer bikes we need some space. About 20m per beer bike.
Find here a list of common pick up and drop off locations.
Easy for us, the better service for you!

Preferably delivered to your home? That is certainly possible and that is also our strong point. We bring the beer bike to your house.