Most common pick up and drop off locations

To ensure a smooth experience for you and to make our work easier, we’ve compiled a selection of commonly used loading and unloading locations. Whether you opt for a beer bike adventure with your own designated driver or prefer to hire one of our chauffeurs, we have options for both scenarios.

Check out the list of locations below where your adventure can begin!

We’re always open to suggestions as well.

Delivery points


Bruges is the ultimate city to organize your bachelor party. And in this city, you can also rent a beer bike from us. What are the advantages of a Beer Bike? It features a tap system where you can connect a beer keg. The keg is pre-cooled and wrapped with an insulating coating to keep the beer cold during transport. The number of pints in a keg depends on its size (20L, 30L, 50L). Additionally, the beer bike is equipped with an audio system, allowing you to effortlessly play music. You can also rent a beer bike for a birthday party or even a team-building activity for up to 117 people. Furthermore, there’s the option to rent a picnic bike where the focus is more on food.

  • Kiss and Drive Station side of Spoorwegstraat. (With and without BOB)


When you think of Ghent, you think of a student city, get together’ s and above all, fun! But do you really want to explore the city in an original way with a cold beer in hand? Then you can rent a beer bike from us. The beer bike has a tap installation to connect a cooled keg. This way you can explore the city with a cold beer in hand, just like at a bar. You can kick start at the Sint-Pieters square, explore the Overpoort, the Graslei, or Sint-Baaf cathedral. All from the moving beer bike. And there’s more. Do you enjoy a nice beat or pleasant sing along? Our beer bikes are equipped with a stereo system. Music and fun guaranteed.

  • Watersportbaan (with or without BOB)


Antwerp, a beautiful city to discover with the beer bike. Do you have a bachelor party, birthday party or team building? Then renting a beer bike is an ideal option. For a team building we can foresee beer bikes for up to 117 people. You start at the Steenplein and cycle into the historic city. You won’t be thirsty either, seeing as we can provide every beer bike with a keg of beer. We can already hear you asking how many pints a keg can hold. You can choose between 20l, 30l or 50l. While pedaling you can also listen to nice music. Great for entertainment from start to finish. A fun extra: Brunch on wheels. Rent a picnic bike and put more focus on tasty food.

  • Steenplein (Without BOB)
  • Parking LO (With or without BOB)


Want to rent a beer bike in Ostend? That’s’ possible! Our beer bikes are foreseen with a tap installation. The keg is pre-cooled and wrapped with an insulating coating so the beer is always cold. It’s just as if you’re drinking a beer at a bar. A beer bike is another way to explore the city. Pedaling not only attracts attention, it will allow you to see the city from a different perspective. Keep the spirits up with music. Sing along to your favorite karaoke hits or let loose to the latest dance music.

  • Kinepolis (With or without BOB)
  • Coach parking Mercator (Without BOB)


Leuven is a beautiful old city with many places to explore. For those who like to explore the city in a special way and enjoy a beer, renting a beer bike is an ideal solution. And that doesn’t always have to be for a bachelor partyteam building (up to 117 people) or birthday party. Every reason is good enough. A beer bike has a stereo system for those who like to pedal to the beat, and a tap installation to connect a keg of beer. How many pints are in a keg depends on the number of liters (20l, 30l or 50l). We now also offer a picnic bike, on which you can pedal and have a picnic. Also an ideal combination if you ask us.

  • Martelenplein ( With or without BOB)
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