Biefiets teambuilding

What is a teambuilding?

Teambuilding is more than just a pleasant company outing with colleagues.

The word itself says it all: building a team.

Often this day consists of one or more group activities where cooperation is central. The aim is to increase cooperation, trust and group dynamics in the workplace. You get to know each other in a different way during this day.

Beer bike as teambuilding

There is a lot on offer when it comes to teambuilding. Think carefully about which group activity best suits the colleagues involved. You can choose for a cosy teambuilding or maybe an exciting teambuilding.
A teambuilding always has one or more objectives. Choose this objective based on the participants.

We can offer a beer bike as teambuilding, fun guaranteed!


As mentioned above, a teambuilding can have different objectives.
You can put the emphasis on teamwork. Specific teambuilding activities make sure you use verbal and non-verbal communication which leads to better performance of your team. Team building can revitalise communication between employees.

Teambuilding can also bring fun and new energy to the workplace. It also stimulates creativity in groups. Having fun is in fact one of the most important effects of teambuilding. Having fun in your work is indispensable for success.
Some activities bring out leadership qualities in certain people. In this way, one gains more insight into which colleagues can take on the role of a leader.
Taking part in a team building exercise can help to promote mutual trust within the team.
It also helps the self-confidence of the individual.
Trust within the team and between departments improves cooperation and internal communication.