Rent a beer bike

Renting a beer bike is the new way to explore a city, in the year 2021. It’s a lot more than just a bike. On a beer bike there are no less than 17 seats. With a total of 7 different beer bikes, we can accommodate groups of up to 115 people. Ideal for a teambuilding, bachelor party, birthday party, or another big event. There is always enough room for everyone. Above all the music creates an exuberant atmosphere and there is always chilled beer on board of the beer bike.

Tap installation with cooling

On the beer bike, there is a tap installation (with cooling) and a keg of beer. The insulated coating ensures constant cooling. We ask for a minimum order of 1 keg of beer. Do you prefer to bring your own keg, then we ask for compensation for the use of the tap installation. Depending on the number of people you can choose a suitable keg (20l, 30l or 50l).

Who steers the beer bike?

You can go on the public road with the beer bike. It is important that one person of the group, the driver, remains sober. The driver also has to be in the possession of a valid driver’s license. Would you rather all enjoy a cold beer on the beer bike? We have fun young bobs in our team that can safely steer for you. You can request this when making your reservation.

The other party animals are free to drink alcohol, but be careful that it does not lead to excessive behavior. You are still on a public road. So do not endanger your own safety and that of others.

A pleasant ride with lots of fun.

If we may provide you with a tip: avoid busy city centers and plan a quiet route. Riding along calm roads with the beer bike ensures less stress and traffic. It’s not only more pleasant for you to cycle, you will also avoid a lot of stress for the other vehicles on the road. Think of the quieter places in Ghent, Antwerp, Kortrijk, Leuven, Bruges and Ostend. Small villages or the coastline are also great alternatives. We also propose a number of common pick-up and drop-off locations, but you are completely free to choose as you please. We depart from Aartrijke, West-Flanders, and bring the beer bike to you, wherever in Belgium. After your journey, we will pick up the beer bike on site.

Renting a beer bike, how?

Through a reservation, you can book the beer bike at least a week in advance. When renting a beer bike we ask for a deposit of €200. If there is no damage, then you will get the deposit back. Easy and clear. You don’t pay for the number of seats, but for the number of beer bikes. So see for yourself with how many you are to get the most out of it. 17 people fit on one beer bike. The price of a beer