Duration of activity

Bierfiets Waregem

Number of hours

Cost price

2 Hours

€ 245

3 Hours

€ 275

4 Hours

€ 320

We can offer the beer bike 24/7.

The most frequently chosen hours are 2 hours and 4 hours.

Do you have a proposal outside of our hours? Then we will happily look for a suitable solution with you.

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Drinks on board

Tappen op de bierfiets



Keg 20l

€ 70

Keg 30l

€ 100

Keg 50l

€ 170

Bottle cava

€ 15

Bottle Bellini

€ 15

Soft drink


€ 5

Water 1,5l

€ 5

The big question is always: How much beer should I order?
Our experience has shown that 30l beer is the most popular.
You can easily tap 110 pints out of this.
Want to know how many pints you can have in a 50l keg?
Check out our FAQ.

Transport beer bike

Transport Bierfiets

Number of beer bikes

Price / km *

1 beer bike

€ 1,30

2 beer bike

€ 1,70

* price per kilometer is always there and back departing from B-8211 Aartrijke, with a minimum amount of €100. This is only an estimate; please contact us for an exact price.


Waarborg bierfiets

We always require a deposit when renting our beer bike.
When the beer bike is delivered, the deposit of €200 must always be paid in cash.
If there is no damage, you will receive the deposit back in cash at the end of the rental.
Simple and straightforward.

Did you know that?
95 percent of our rentals go smoothly, and we return the deposit at the end.

Keep an eye on each other and assign a less pleasant task to the person who is causing trouble.