Cat parade Ypres

The city of Ypres organizes a parade with cats on the second Sunday of May. Several streets of Ypres attract about 50,000 visitors and it is always a big success. The cat parade is a three yearly event. The first edition dates back to the 6th of March 1955. The event that takes place in Flanders attracts many spectators and figurants. That’s what makes Ypres a real cat city. The audience mostly consists of people from Ypres. Despite this, the last edition had participants with floats from far corners of the country also join the cat parade. The cat parade is an ideal moment to get together on a beer bike. Don’t forget your plush cat!

Saint-Maarten Parade Ardooie

Every year in Ardooie there is the Saint Maarten parade where celebrating is central. The Saint Maarten festival is for children and adults. Traditions mustn’t be lost and that is why the organization goes all in. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday around November everyone comes alive. The parade made by a superb organization travels in between the buildings of Ardooie. The Saint Maarten parade in Ardooie in November is the topic of the year. An ideal moment to rent a beer bike. Riding a party bike through the streets of Ardooie has been the go to activity for several years now during the Saint Maarten parade.


Liquor store Tommelin has rented a beer bike from us for their team building. A superb activity, the company situated in Ypres had an unforgettable day. Pedaling together with the whole company with drinks and music on board. We organize your team building with drinks and sandwiches. We deliver the party bike to the front door of your company.

Batjes Zedelgem

The batjes in Zedelgem is a yearly social event with lots of fun. All residents of Zedelgem, Aartrijke, Veldegem and Loppem know of the Zedelgem batjes! There are lots of activities such as an evening market, fireworks, a fair, garage sale, … Every year, the Chiro from Zedelgem organizes a great party with local DJs. The members of the Chiro do their utmost to ensure that everything runs smoothly and are present in large numbers at their party. Both in front and behind the bar. With a delicious barbecue they complete the festivities. Between the festivities there is a beer pong tournament in which you can participate. Still can’t get enough from all this beer or do you want to get together with your friends during these sunny days. Then rent a beer bike and tour the streets of Zedelgem or surrounding villages.