beer bike

What is a beer cart?

A beer cart is actually a large tandem bike with a bar mounted in the middle. On the counter, there is a beer tap installed to serve delicious cold beer.

Renting a beer bike in Belgium is often done on the occasion of a birthday or as a team-building activity. The people of the beer cart together provide the drive for the beer cart. Beer bikes are suitable for minimum of 10 people and max of 17 people.

The tapper expertly uses the tap system and hands them the cold beer. The only rule when renting beer bikes is that bob is present. This is mandatory for the law. The driver can be hired by himself so that all persons of the group can enjoy the beer biking.

On the top of the beer bike, there is a roof-mounted so that one can also hire a beer bike in bad weather.


Beer bikes are rented per hour.
The price for renting a beer bike can be found on our site.
Prices can vary from minus €220 for the rental.

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Tag your friends, tag your colleagues, and tag everyone on social media that you think will have a great time on a beer bike.

What can you drink?

On a beer trailer, there is room for 1 keg of beer of max 50l. In a 50l keg, you can have up to 180 pints.
There are also other alcoholic beverages such as cava or wine. Water and various soft drinks are also available.
Prices can be found on our website.

Where can you rent a beer bike?

You can rent a beer bike in all kinds of locations such as West-Flanders, Limburg or other provinces. The loading and unloading place may be different because the beer-cart will be picked up on the spot by beer-cyle.

Overview of the group size per beer cart.

Minimum group size: 8 people
Maximum group size: 17 people

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